Sunday, December 21, 2008

Arctic Blast Day 8

Made it out yesterday with Nana & Poppa to help Nana pick out her new puppy, Tucker. Will blog on that next.

Also made it out at 1 pm to get a massage in Hillsboro with Liza. Slow going and in 4WD the whole day. Saw trucks in ditches the whole way there and back.

Aunt Liza & Uncle Ga chained up to visit and meet the new puppy and say hi to Carson. But then it got ugly.

We have two feet of snow with drifts over 3 feet high. There is a thick layer of ice over the snow. My Nissan is completely sealed in a coat of ice and we can't get into it!

Daddy's TL

Seriously deep snow on our back patio!

Buried patio set
How did this snow get INSIDE our barn?
Back patio

Cat house on back deck
BBQ & Heat pump! We cleared the glass top table off at 6 pm last night so that's the snow just from last night.
View from our master bedroom out the doors.
27 inches!

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