Sunday, December 14, 2008

Out of the Mouths of Babes

Two year olds are quite entertaining. A few highlights.


Carson eating an almond:

Daddy- What kind of nut are you eating? Is it a peanut?
C- No
Daddy- Walnut?
C- No
Daddy-Cashew nut?
C- Doughnut!


My dad's company party Friday night. 25+ adults eating dinner and enjoying cocktails. Carson heard yelling at the top of his lungs throughout the entire house, "DADDY ME DIARRHEA!!!"


Daddy helping Carson finish up a poopy on the potty. Daddy overheard saying, "Grab my ankles Carson." The rest of us eating dinner hearing this, and dying laughing thinking of the bathroom scene in Austin Powers.


Carson carrying the cat through the living room, upside down. Furry tail and puckered kitty butt right in Carson's face. Cat's ears dragging on the ground and looking humiliated but happy that he was finally getting attention. Beggars can't be chooosers.

Carson carrying the cat through the living room again. This time right side up but the cat was too tall and heavy. Kitty's back legs walking along the ground with his head on Carson's shoulder.


Carson wanting to cut paper. I grabbed the closest thing and handed it to him. As he was cutting, he yells, STARBUCKS! Low and behold it was an envelope with the Starbucks logo on it. Wow!

Most children his age know the golden arches of McDonald's or the smiling rat face of Chuck E Cheese. Mine knows the coffee place with the most drive-thrus.


Carson carefully observing me getting dressed. Looking quite confused and then, "Mommy, you penis broken?"


We are currently snowed in and bored to tears. We've baked and frosted cookies. We've watched "Arctic Blast 2008" news coverage. We've made 18 tunnels (really the same couch/blanket tunnel over and over and over). We've now used up all our batteries on flashlight games. Let's just hope we don't lose power and need flashlights.

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