Sunday, December 07, 2008

When You're Slidin' Into First . . .

Only poo can make me blog twice in a day! One last gross disgusting poo story. We finally got everything in the #2 department under control with daily Mirilax. Unfortunately everyone has a stomach issue once in awhile.

Carson made it to the potty twice with liquid hot magma. The third time he did not make it. We heard the "Me poopy" call and then heard "uh oh".

Poo everywhere. Drips and smears on the floor. It had overflowed the underpants, leaked out the leg holes of his sweats and right onto his BRAND NEW shoes. Purchased only 4 hours before.

It was horrible. I called for back up. We cleaned the best we could. I accidentally grabbed a poo caked shin. My arm brushed up against his tush and my practically new jacket was fouled.

Carson now knows song, "When you're slidin' into first and you feel something burst, diarrhea, diarrhea."

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