Saturday, April 18, 2009

Where There's Smoke, There's Fire!

Carson attended the most amazing birthday party ever! Ian's 3rd birthday in the Skyline Fire Station was pretty special to begin with. How many kids get to say they partied next to the fire truck!

After bubbles, a pinata, and some cupcakes, the radio started crackling and an emergency call came in . . . considering this is a volunteer station, it was pretty unusual.

Fortunately, Ian's dad (the volunteer captain) and two of his crew members were finished with their cupcakes and jumped into action. We scrambled to make sure all the kids were out of the way as the firefighters suited up. The truck rumbled out with sirens wailing and lights flashing.

In awe and excitement, all the parents and kids chased the truck down the driveway and waved good-bye and good luck. The truck turned right, then right again, then stopped! That's when we all saw the huge plume of thick black smoke! Just a football field's length away, in perfect viewing distance!

What are the odds?? We were all laughing that Ian's mommy and daddy staged the whole thing. But in a bit of sober reality, there was actually a Ford Explored completely on fire, next to another car, and a 100 gallon diesel tank attached to a store!

We gawked as the flames shot in the air and the tires started exloding! The firefighters got it under control and we went back to the opening presents. I'm not sure who had more fun, the firefighters, the parents, or the kids!

Swing Ian Swing!

Eh batta batta batta!
Where's the loot?
The firefighters are suiting up!
Ian's daddy gets to drive the truck! Whee-ooo, whee-ooo!
Boy that thing is loud!
Sweet party!!!
Go Daddy Go!! You rock that fire!

This is crazy!!
Do you think Ian will notice if I just open this one a little?

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