Friday, July 10, 2009

Swim Class Success!

Carson is now in Advanced Parent Tot class at Children of the Sea and the progress he is making is AMAZING!!! He is actually swimming short stints on his own now without the teacher holding on to him.

Nana and Poppa were lucky enough to join me in the viewing room this week. One slight glitch. Carson is a bit of an energizer bunny and can't hold still. The hard part of this class is that he has to wait on the side of the pool when the other kids are getting their lesson. He was especially amped up with his Nana and Poppa watching and was goofing around like crazy.

So crazy in fact that we all witnessed him fall right into the pool. I am pretty sure I jumped out of my seat (trapped behind the glass viewing room wall). Kept 40% calm only because I assumed that either Jeremy or the teacher patrolling the side of the pool would be able to jump in and save him faster than I could break through the safety glass.

My eyes bugged out of my head as I saw his head go under and one little hand reach up searching for the side of the pool. He kicked like crazy with his little flippers on and miraculously pulled himself back up.

Being the loving, caring mom that I am, once I caught my breath and my heart started beating again, the following words shot out of my lips . . . THAT LITTLE SHIT! Did I mention I was surrounded by other small children and their parents waiting for the next class to start!?!

So clearly, Children of the Sea is doing a FABULOUS job teaching Carson as he already had to save himself!

Grandpa Rader requested some video, so unless you have a blood relation to our child, you will probably not find these videos as intriguing as the rest of the fam but it's the easiest way to share them.

Lesson #1- With Teacher Sierra's assistance, Carson has to go under, kick along, flip over, then Teacher Sierra lets go and he has to kick himself to the wall, then go under again and climb out.

Lesson #2- Carson has to "dive" into the pool, swim around the teacher, and then get out on his own. There is one little boy in the class that doesn't stop crying the ENTIRE class. He's fun.

Lesson #4- First part didn't make it on film but Carson had to jump in from the side and swim to his teacher. Then she works on "float time" on his back. Normally he does much better but was a bit too excited to relax properly and stop kicking this time.

Lesson#5- Carson has to swim to the island to get his toy, climb up and then jump off again to swim to the other side (which is in the video after this one). Super cool! However, crying kid is still screaming in the background. Awesome.

Lesson #5 Part 2

Lesson #8- Partial lesson, partially WAY fun! At the end of class, the kids always get to go down the slide twice. Carson used to kick and scream when we first started at COTS three months ago. The teacher would have to pick him up and put him on the slide. Boy have things changed!

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