Thursday, September 03, 2009

Enough Writing Already! Pics to Post Finally!

I'm peeling myself away from work for 5 minutes to finally post pictures of our beautiful new baby. He is remarkably easy.

Our pediatrician even commented on it yesterday and looked incredulous when I said he really never cries, only wakes up once or twice a night, and sleeps amazingly. My only complaint is that he is a pooping machine!!

Yesterday at my office he went through 3 diapers in 3 minutes. The second I'd fasten the tab, he'd cut loose with another blast o' poo. And he used my last diaper! I had to rush through my last few "to do" items to stop by Target for more diapers before our evening appointment!

Keaton's 2 week appointment went very well. He gained 8 ounces since he was last weighed so he's right on target! However they no longer adjust for his early birth date and he is on the normal growth chart (compared to full term babies). So he is only 8th percentile for weight (now up to 6 lbs 14 oz) and 51st percentile for height (20 1/4 inches). Tall and skinny like his Daddy!

My only fear at this point is that he is going to hit September 12 (his due date) and suddenly morph into this colicky, high needs baby. Trying not to visualize that since he spends most days at my office and I'm sure my co-workers would not appreciate that.

It is remarkable how much Carson and Keaton look alike. Can you tell them apart?

Carson at 3 days old
Keaton at 1 week old

5 days old at the park in his Preemie Car Seat

Big Brother Carson! Still learning how to pedal and brake so we're sticking with the training wheels for a few more weeks.

If you read my previous post about my evil nemesis, the Breast Pump, you'll understand the irony of this picture.
Skinny little bird legs!

This is how Carson greets Keaton every morning! So sweet!
Just plain cute!

Grandpa Rader with his third grandson!
Mommy and Daddy at the zoo, relaxing while Carson played in the sandbox and Keaton slept in the Ergo.
This picture really should have gone with my previous post "Moving Day". This is Keaton on his sleeping throne in his crib.

Daddy and Keaton's favorite position.

Helpful big brother!
Great Grandpa Cliff meeting his namesake, Keaton Clifford!
Mommy and Baby!

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