Tuesday, October 20, 2009

PowerRanger and bro

Carson is a drama-king and what better way to express your creativity than costumes! I am a sucker and brought home another one. This one even has MUSCLES!!

This is how Carson looked when he left for school today. Notice the camo rainboots.

The funny part... he doesn't even really know anything about PowerRangers other than the older boys at school talk about them. He's never seen the show nor read any books about them. Hilarious.

Sweet Keaton survived his 2 month appointment with 3 yucky shots. I waffled for many weeks as to the traditional vaccine schedule or the alternative and ended up going with the traditional. He didn't love me for it!

Keaton Stats:

10 lbs 10oz, 25th percentile

22.5 inches (I think), 34th percentile.

Growing well at 1/2 pound a week but still about 4 pounds smaller than Carson was. We love our small little buddy. It is kind of nice because he stays in clothes longer than Carson did. Looks like we have just a few more weeks in 0-3 months and then I get to open up the 3-6 month bin.

To be honest, I've already opened it at least 4 times adding new clothes to it. I have a shopping problem!!


"Mommy STOP! Do you hear that smell?"

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