Friday, October 16, 2009

Single Mom Days 4 & 5- Celebration!

Thursday, again, very uneventful and easy. Happy to know that I have things totally under control.

But now also bored and ready for Jeremy to come home. I'm actually picking up the house before I go to bed which NEVER happens unless forced to at gunpoint.

Friday's are "Mommy & Me" days. I keep Carson home from school and we get to hang out. This morning, he wore his Superman costume and mask to Baby Boot Camp. Only now it has a "C" instead of an S.

Everyone always comments on him but the cutest of all was a little boy about 1.5-2 years old stopped dead in his tracks when he saw Carson ride by in his stroller. The little boy's jaw hit the floor and he said in complete awe, "Batman!"

Later in the day, Carson switched to his NASCAR race car driver costume. We love it because it has flames. Daddy thinks it's hilarious because one of Carson's sponsors "Nicorette". Oh yes, Nicorette.

Lots of people stop and tell Carson how cool he looks. But today an older woman stops, looks at Carson and says, "Wow! You look awesome! Jeff Gordon is my favorite!".

I stifled a laugh because clearly this woman knows her NASCAR. Jeff Gordon's name is NO where on the costume. But his number, his sponsors and his flames are no laughing matter to the REAL fans!

Finally, today was a HUGE day in the Rader household because our Land Use Decision finally got officially approved and recorded!! The adventure that began TEN months ago when we first met with our builder can now truly begin!

On Monday our builder can finally apply for our building permits and we hope to start construction/excavation within a week or two!

That does also mean it's getting very close to moving day. Our kind and generous neighbors offered to let us live with them during our 6 month remodel/addition. Thanks Mom and Dad! See ya soon! Pizza and Movie night is every Friday :-)

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