Sunday, December 13, 2009

Oh the Cuteness!

The remodel is FANTASTIC! This was the pivotal week in the construction schedule. We needed one dry week since the roof had to get ripped off our old house. In spite of temperatures in the single digits, our wonderful crew showed up at first light every day this week and got our new addition walls up and roofed! We LOVE them.

Keaton is just getting cuter and cuter as he puts on more weight. Chubby cheeks and a GIANT noggin' are precious. We got out the exersaucer this weekend and he is loving it! You can almost tell he feels like a "big boy" as he watches all of us upright instead of in his bouncy chair or swing. Of course he is stuffed in there with blankets but getting steadier by the day.

Update on his acid reflux:

One week on Zantac did nothing

We are nearing his first week on Prilosec: Good news, bad news! Of the three kinds of spit-up, the two that included stomach bile are gone. Yay! Our lives are a lot less stinky and vomitess!

However, the first kind of spit-up (pure formula) is getting worse. If you remember from my prior post, that is the one with the most volume! So we are all still getting splashed by ounces of formula on an hourly basis. Still changing his bib or clothes three times a day. But it isn't painful for him so we're making progress!

Carson has been a NIGHTMARE this week. He's REALLY testing the ropes and trying to push our buttons. It's awesome. I seriously hope the pain and suffering we're going through right now will be it worth it when he's an angelic teenager and all our friends are dealing with hormonal girls.
On the other hand, the kid just gets funnier and funnier!! Especially as he's learning the art of manipulation. I am dreading the day when he realizes what sarcasm is (that gene came from his father!).

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