Sunday, January 10, 2010

Boys are SO different than Girls

My friend Julie and I constantly lament over our boys' obsession with guns and shooting.

My pediatrician says it's perfectly normal and get over it.

Two rules, don't point your gun at people's faces AND don't say "I'm going to kill ______"

So what do I do?

Buy Carson two Nerf guns for Christmas. If you can't beat 'em, join 'em. I even bought 40 extra whistling bullets.

However, that backfired because Carson wasn't strong enough to cock the darn gun. So then we drove all over town looking for battery powered guns. Dead end.

That led us to where we purchased nerf disk guns that really sucked.

Finally today, Jeremy said to Carson, I'm not cocking the gun for you anymore. You have to figure it out.

Bless his heart, the kid did it. Three tries with all his strength and he finally got it. His eyes popped out of his head!

Now we have 40 bullets scattered all over the house.

Keeping with the gun theme and to prove boys are SO different than girls:

After reading Bambi 348 times in the last 39 days, we rented the movie this weekend.

A sweet, kind movie about a gentle deer who loses his mother, survives a fire, and falls in love with his best friend. Throw in a skunk named Flower and a giddy bunny named Thumper and you have a wonderful Disney feel-good movie.

But what does my son tell me after watching this? While we're cuddling before bedtime, he says, "Mommy, you know what I want to be for Halloween next year? . . . A hunter with a gun that takes Bambi's mommy away."


It's a good thing camo is my favorite color.

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