Saturday, July 10, 2010

4th of July Fantasticness

Thanks to friends we got to participate in the cutest little parade this side of the Rockies! Let's just say we increased the attendance this year by 15% with my 2 sweet boys.

Total of 15 kids (don't check my math!).

8 on bikes, 4 wagons, and 1 GIANT John Deere Gator. Can you guess who was riding the only powered vehicle in the parade?

Pre-parade decorating party! Hard to participate when you're stuck crawling around

Mickey kept Carson company for the long parade route.

Just hanging around waiting for the action!

It's an Eloise sandwich! Flanked by the Rader boys, this parade is going to rock!
On our way to the start (had no idea that we were actually walking down the parade route)
Happy 4th from the Raders!

Why do they look 14 years old instead of 4 here!?!

A little bit of sparkler magic!
Snot out the nose, drool out the mouth but fun nonetheless!
Oh, and we have TOOTH!!
We tried and tried to convince Carson that fireworks are best in the dark and that THIS year he could stay up late . . .
we tried and tried . . .
and finally got tired of his begging to light fireworks.
In the light it is!
Let'er Rip!

And finally, the grande finale, the most adorable pics of my boys!

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