Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Week 1- Visits from Grandparents & Eating A Lot!

A very tired Daddy! Feeding round the clock every 2 hours! What that means is Carson eats (20 minutes), hangs out (15 minutes), then sleeps (60-90 minutes), and then the cycle repeats itself, leaving very little time for sleep for Mommy & Daddy!

Grandpa Rader feeding Carson! Mildly uncomfortable with the task but noneless he is in seventh Heaven!!!

Grandma Levy feeding Carson. Seeing a pattern

Four generations together at last! Great Grandpa Bride, Grandma Levy, Daddy Jeremy, and baby Carson! All standing in front of the quilt made by Great Grandma Bride!

Carson not wanting to sleep just yet in his bassinet!

He finally fell asleep in his papasan chair! Boy is that our favorite baby item right now!!

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