Thursday, October 05, 2006

Week 11- Meeting Eloise Hook! And Another Beach Trip!

Carson met Eloise Hook this evening. This darling girl is a mere 4.5 months of age but already the older woman to Carson's 2.5 months. They didn't plan on the cleverly complimentary outfits or so they told us. Eloise is much more skilled with her hands and has just about perfected sitting up on her own. Carson was very impressed and has added those goals to his to-do list.
Here Carson is flashing his smile at Eloise to impress her since she is so much more advanced! Playing coy, Carson is using the oldest trick in the book to woo his lady friend. Notice how she's reaching out to take his hand already!
Standing with a little assistance, the two cuties realized that Carson is taller than Eloise! However, Eloise won the "roll" contest (and we're not talking about rolling over here!) At last count Carson had two thigh rolls and Eloise had three! He ate an extra bottle that night to catch up!
This was Carson preparing for the big event. He looks a little nervous as he sticks his entire hand in his mouth! We didn't mention to him that it was impolite!
Another wonderful weather weekend in Lincoln City! This time Grandma & Grandpa Levy and Aunt Lori and Uncle Brian joined us to celebrate Jeremy's birthday. Check out the blue sky and short sleeves!
Grandpa Levy and Carson had a contest to see who had more hair. We think Carson won . . . by a hair! Hehehe!Uncle Brian spent most of the weekend making Carson smile!Grandma Levy teaching Carson "Pat a Cake"More Uncle Brian making Carson smile!

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