Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Week 10- Bathtime, Exersaucer & Duck Family

Carson absolutely loves his bathtime! The only problem is he has rapidly outgrown his current tub! His head sticks out over the top and his feet are squished against the bottom! Speaking of bottom, that about his only body part actually in the water. So we're shopping for a new tub for gigantic babies!

Carson is just figuring out how to use his hands. The toys in his exersaucer are very interesting to him. Occasionally they make noise and he seems somewhat confused. He bats at the noise makers and usually makes them move but he doesn't seem quite convinced that he did it himself. This afternoon, Carson was trying to cheer up his Nana (Grandma Kuntz) so he wrote her a little note!

Mom and Dad attended the now infamous University of Oregon versus Oklahoma game and we all dressed up for the event. Carson spent the day with his Aunt Lori and Uncle Brian. They took him to a birthday party and spent lots of time playing with him. He had a blast! Mommy and Daddy also enjoyed a day to themselves . . . with 55,000 other people!

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