Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Week 2- Learning the Ropes!!

Mommy, Carson, and Jackson going for their first walk. Even though it's summer, the temperature is pretty chilly in the morning at our elevation! Here's the jogging stroller that Mommy wanted oh so badly! Now it's complete with car seat adapter, fuzzy liner, and handlebar "console" for drinks and keys!
Just the cutest baby ever! Carson is sleeping peacefully on Mommy & Daddy's bed! Once in awhile we lay him down on our soft bed and he falls asleep instantly. Wish they made bassinets just as comfortable. This week we've put away the bassinet and are trying the Pack N Play. He is a VERY loud sleeper which means we don't get much sleep! Jeremy's ears are extremely sore from the ear plugs.
Here we are trying to coax poop out of our constipated little Carson. The advice nurse suggested a warm bath. No luck! Unfortunately the timing didn't quite work out and he couldn't live without a bottle so we just gave it to him in the tub!
Summertime babies are so great! Our anniversary present to each other was a swing for the back patio. Carson loves to swing in the warmth of the sun. Daddy just likes to rest! Counting down the days until Daddy goes back to work. So sad!

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