Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Week 5- Visiting My Friends!

This week we traveled around town visiting friends! Carson did his best to participate but as you can see his is sleeping through most of the visits.
Aaron Zweig - age 4 enjoying the fact that he's not the youngest in the room anymore! Hannah Zweig age 9- Absolutely adoring Carson and quickly proving that she is going to make a great babysitter! Too bad she lives 45 minutes away!
Jake Zweig age 7- Proving that guys can look cool holding babies!
Emily & Katlynn Gingell ages 2 & 4- These girls were enthralled with baby Carson and begged their Mommy for a little brother. Their Mommy said absolutely not ;-)
Ian Davis- age 4 months - He's not so sure about the competition! But in just a few months I'm sure they'll be playing like old buddies!

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