Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Week 9- First Trip Away from Home to the Beach! Also, Playing in the Exersaucer!

Along with Grandpa & Nana Kuntz, Aunt Liza, and Uncle Jeff, we headed out to Lincoln City to stay at Jeremy's family's beach house. Packing took a good three hours! How many diapers will a baby go through in two and a half days? How many changes of clothes will he need? We stuffed the Pathfinder FULL to the brim, making sure to bring the trusty baby papasan chair, pack n play, and . . . somehow managed to forget a jacket for the little guy! Fortunately we lucked out and the weather in Lincoln City was unbelievable! Gorgous sunny days for our first trip away from home! Arriving late Friday night didn't even phase Carson. He took it all in stride and stuck to his sleep schedule of getting up once in the night. Saturday night when 8:30 pm rolled around, he fell right asleep despite the loud noise and bright lights of Kyllo's restaurant. What a champ!

We all trekked down to the beach with Carson in the Bjorn. He slept through half of it . . .

. . . but woke up with his adorable smile!

Suddenly he realizes that we are on a beach and miles (okay maybe a quarter mile) from the nearest bottle!

Earlier in the week, just having a grand ol' time in his exersaucer! He still needs a bit o' padding to not fall backward! Look Ma! I'm holding on to the toy!
Ma! I'm scared to let go! In fact, I don't know how to let go!

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