Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Week 19- Cold Weather Running & High Chair Trial

What a cute guy! We were stuck at home today and getting bored so we did a trial run in the high chair!
Not quite ready for it, as he is slumped over to one side but provided at least 10 minutes of new entertainment.
Mr. Happy has been randomly fussy for the last few days! No fun! Especially when you can't figure out what's wrong!

Brrr!! With only one day without rain for the month of November and frigid temperatures, running outdoors is a bit challenging.

Getting the dog decked out in his raincoat, Carson decked out in his polar fleece outfit, and Mommy in all her raingear takes extra time and will power!
Conveniently Carson takes his first morning nap despite the crazy wind, rain, cars, and construction noise.

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