Sunday, November 19, 2006

Week 19- Da Boys!

Carson had some friends over for dinner this weekend! Cade, 4 years old, and his younger brother, Kellen, about to turn 1, and their cousin Lucas, about to turn 2 years old. Trying to get four boys to smile at the camera at the same time was basically impossible! Here is the hilarious sequence of pictures as the attention spans and smiles did not work together. The only camera-wise smiler of course was Cade. Watch as he tries his hardest to get everyone to cooperate!

Cade and Kellen, happy! Lucas and Carson not quite getting it!
Cade smiling and trying to get his best to get the other boys on board. Kellen busy eating a block, Lucas contemplating eating a block! Carson completely unaware of anything going on around him.
Cade is thrilled that he got Lucas to smile. Kellen is thrilled with the taste of the block. Lucas is thrilled with Cade's attention. Carson is enthralled by his toes, doesn't seem to notice the boys around him.
Finally! Everyone is looking at the camera, or at least in the general direction! Cade=Smiling!! Lucas=Smiling! Kellon=Eating Block! Carson=NOT HAPPY!! Just realized he is stuck in a dorky chair and someone is taking his picture in it!

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