Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Week 21- Leaning Tower of Pisa & More!

Carson enjoyed a playdate with his friend Ian who is 3 months older (7.5 months). Ian is very skilled at sitting up and crawling. Carson is very skilled at screeching and eating his toes. Sitting up is getting better but as evidenced by these pictures, Carson resembles the Leaning Tower of Pisa! I think Ian is leaning to make Carson feel better.

Mommy is making funny faces for the boys while Ian's daddy takes pictures. Clearly Ian understands how to smile for the camera. Carson is just frustrated that he can't sit up straight!

At this point in the day, we've run out of bibs so the front of Carson's sweater is soaked in drool!

Ian still smiling for the camera . . . Carson planning on eating the block!

Later on in the week . . .

Carson enjoying his mirror "friend" after bathtime!

I wish you could see the mass of bubbles coming out of Carson's mouth!Lower lip is gone!Just practicing! What a fun new ride! Complete with a rain/sun shade

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