Friday, January 19, 2007

Week 28- Standing Solo in Cowboy Boots

Carson was quite the "Ladies Man" when he hosted Mom's Group today. Four adorable little 6 month old girls surrounded him with glee. At first he was bashful but quickly began showing off by jumping in place and twirling his binkie before expertly placing it in his mouth. Then sweet little Maggie growled at him, literally growled, and he lost a little confidence. At that point Carson demonstrated his ability to spew carrots all over his cable-knit sweater, as well as his jeans, and the carpet. He completely lost all confidence when precious Maddi burped AND farted louder than he ever has! He also fell completely in love with her!
Carson's standing skills are growing by the day! He is holding on to tables, couches, anything at knee height and loving the freedom. I captured a few pictures of him in his too cool cowboy boots from his favorite great aunt Pam.

If you ever volunteer to babysit, this is the face you do NOT want to see! No, he is not deep in thought, pondering the elements of life. Nor is he studying the wall to determine the exact color of paint. When his eyes lock into place and his mouth turns up in one corner, he is hard at work, physical work. This is Carson's infamous "poo" face.

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