Sunday, January 21, 2007

Week 28- Wild Night Out

On Friday at Carson's 6 month check up, he weighed in at a whopping 20 pounds and measured 29 inches long! That made it officially time to install his new "big boy" carseat. I only had two questions for the doctor.

1. My son is eating us out of house and home! Can he overeat? - The answer is no, babies can eat all they want, let him have more . . . so I stopped at Costco on the way home for the industrial size box of baby food!

2. My son is the only 6 month old on the block still being swaddled at night to sleep! What do we do? - Our doctor looked amused and said, "There is no medical reason why he shouldn't be swaddled buuuuuut he really shouldn't be swaddled." So being the tough love parent that I am (did I mention that we shopped at JoAnn Fabric just last weekend for material to make a swaddle blanket large enough to fit our mammoth son), that very night I cut him off from his swaddle cold turkey!

Mirculously, I woke up feeling very refreshed the next morning. Hmm, what a strange feeling, how, why? Oh my gosh! Carson slept the entire night through! Sure enough he was a cozy little bug in his crib!

The next night I was cautiously optimistic but had lingering doubts. Probably just a fluke because Carson has slept through the night before but rarely two nights in a row! So I kissed him goodnight, layered his two blankies on him and shut the door. Once again, I woke up quite suddenly in the morning realizing that I hadn't left my bed since 10 pm! Carson's room was quite silent so I finally went in to check on him.

What I saw made me laugh so hard that I woke him up! I left Carson in the middle of his crib. What I found was a baby who looked like he'd fallen into bed after a wild post Golden Globes party! Completely squished up in the opposite direction at the far end of the crib. Head stuck in the corner of the crib (thank God I didn't listen to the nurse who said to take out the bumpers or he might have experienced permanent skull grill marks) One sock was missing, found later underneath his ear. Blankets tossed aside, and strangely enough, his pajamas were half unzipped! This was somewhat reminiscent of the aftermath of last year's Christmas party! See for yourself!

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  1. Uncle B!4:33 PM

    Must take after his dad!!


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