Thursday, February 01, 2007

6 months Week 4

Our perfect little baby is turning into a little monster! He no longer will sit quietly and play with his toys, nor will he lay passively while we change his diaper! Everything is a struggle and challenge these days! Last night we ended up with poo from his fingertips to his toes as he wrestled both of us! It was so bad we just carried him straight to the bathtub! Today he decided it was way more fun to blow food on me than to swallow it politely. We both had to change our shirts after lunch.

On a positive note, he is still a terrific car rider and is still sleeping through the night. I'm pretty sure he's finally teething since we can't rip the binkie out of his mouth. He seems to be experiencing some stranger anxiety as he is starting to cry if I leave him alone. Although it doesn't happen every time.

Carson still prefers the vertical to the horizontal. He loves standing up any which way he can. He already has the hang of walking holding on to our hands. We're pretty convinced he is going to talk before he crawls. As long as neither occurs before our upcoming Hawaiian vacation! Here are a few cute pictures from the week!
You can't keep me here!

I swear I'm going to escape! One day later and I am waaay smarter than this silly bouncy chair!
Uh oh! Mommy caught me!

I love standing in my crib! Mommy still helps me up but then I don't let go!

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