Thursday, February 08, 2007

6 months Week 5

I just received a chiding phone call from Nana Kuntz, complaining about the lack of current pictures . . . so here's the update!

After 4-5 days of fussy baby, we're back to happy baby. Only Carson is now a very strong baby who knows what he wants and makes every effort possible to make sure he gets it. Watch out if there is a toy he has to have, he'll kick, stretch, and pull his way there! He also discovered that he has knees and that surprise, suprise . . . they BEND!! A few days ago he impressed us by holding the "crawling" position for almost 30 seconds. Sounds like a short time but when you're a baby, that's forever! Not to be confused with actual crawling . . . he just posed on his hands and knees.

Tonight during dinner we watched in awe as he leaned over to get a toy and pushed himself right into the crawl position! It was unbelievable! He is also starting to "cruise" along the couch, a step or two at a time. If he holds onto the coffee table, his hands slip but if we hold his hands in place, he is able to stand right up! It's pretty scary and exciting at the same time! He loves walking everywhere holding our hands.

We are very curious to see what he'll be able to do by the time we leave for Hawaii on March 2nd! Could be an interesting trip!

Carson is eating like crazy! A jar for breakfast, 2 jars for lunch, and 2 jars and oatmeal for dinner! The other moms in the playgroup didn't seem to believe me until I had to feed Carson lunch during the last playgroup. They couldn't get over how quickly he sucked it all down. Of course, this just means a LOT more poopy diapers! Stinky poopy diapers!

Do we go to the same hair stylist Grandpa Levy?
Boy this guy makes me laugh!

I'm not sure this was the best decision. Although I didn't really plan on falling into my toy bin!Somebody help me please!

These are some of my friends from playgroup. My best friend Luka is wearing the brown sweater. My girlfriend Madison is wearing the pink pants. My favorite brunette Abbi is doing some tummy time. Don't tell my other girlfriend Eloise, she might be jealous!

Speaking of Eloise, she sent me the sweetest Valentine card!It was so sweet that I ate it!

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