Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Month 14- Busy Day

Last night Carson was really tired because he's switching to one nap which sometimes just isn't enough. So around 6:30 (an hour before his normal bedtime) we were playing in his room and he started signing "please" and pointing at his crib. I wasn't really sure what he wanted because I think he think please means "I want that" so I got his blankie out. He kept pointing and signing please so I ended up putting him to bed early and he was perfectly happy!

Today he had a super busy day. We headed to the zoo for a playdate with Amy & Kinley at 9:30. He absolutely exhausted himself and took a 2.5 hour nap and then woke up at 2 pm to have a playdate with Kellee and his friend Luka.

That wore him out even more but it wasn't enough so we headed to the Rose Garden in Washington Park for a concert and picnic with Amy & Madi, and Aimee & Kinley. Mr. Social ran all over the grassy amphitheater inserting himself in everyone else's picnics. If they were eating something that looked good, he signed please to them until they paid attention. Only most people don't expect a 13 month old to know that so all they saw was a little blue eyed towhead rubbing his belly and looking at them expectantly.

Carson doesn't have a shy bone in his body! We finally had to leave because all three babes were breaking down and ready for bed. Carson fell asleep with just 10 minutes to go until home. It's tiring being a toddler!

WARNING: The following pictures break every rule about babies NOT sleeping with loose blankets. I did make sure his little nose was uncovered enough to breathe. He was out cold when I took these pictures. It was too cute to resist and I actually risked waking him up with the flash twice!!

Where is Carson?

Notice the feet up on the crib slats!

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