Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Month 14- Oops!! That's not a necklace!

Anyone who has spent time with Carson knows he LOVES to put things around his neck. Much to Jeremy's dismay I have found him twice at his little girlfriends' houses with feather boas around his neck. At another girlfriend's house, I discovered he was wearing at least 6 beaded necklaces and somehow managed to get a bracelet around his neck (which was cutting off his circulation but made a very fine choker).

I am almost too embarrassed to post these but it's just too funny not to. This morning I was rushing around getting ready to get out the door and turned around to find Carson wearing a pair of my underwear as a necklace. A great reminder that everything is fair game if left on the floor. I promise they will make it into the dirty clothes closet from now on!!!

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