Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Month 14- Labor Day Weekend in California

Along with Aunt Liza & Uncle Jeff, we boarded a plane bound for San Jose on Friday afternoon. In a strange coincidence, Jeremy's sister just moved to San Ramon, CA, where Liza and I grew up until we moved to Oregon in 1985. My cousin, her husband, and their new baby, Emma Rose, happen to live in San Jose, as well as close family friend, Brett & Ryan (and of course, Ryan's wife). So this trip was the perfect opportunity to visit all of them!
The trip down was a little challenging with Carson on our laps. He is a busy toddler and sitting still for almost 2 hours was not interesting to him. We just kept feeding him and switching books. He was fairly quiet, but very squirmy. Friday night we stayed at Ryan & Karen's catching up and rehashing old memories. We got to meet Brett's girlfriend for the first time. Lots of fun!
Saturday afternoon was Brett's 30th birthday party and it was wonderful to see his family for the first time since last Christmas. Then Jeremy, Carson & I headed over to stay with his sister in her brand new townhome. It was a busy day and a half of helping her unpack since most of their stuff was still in boxes! Plenty of exercise! Their townhome is beautiful and the weather was really hot!
We ended the trip on Monday spending the day with my cousin Sara, her husband Jens, and their sweet baby Emma. She is 4 months old and just gorgeous! Super sweet gummy smile and so interested in everything around her. Carson thought she was just adorable too.
Our flight home was not so fun. Poor Carson was suffering from a lack of sleep after 3 days of a disrupted nap schedule and getting up early. So he was running on borrowed time, plus our flight was after his bedtime. He had ZERO interest in being trapped in a small seat. Needless to say, he did not fall asleep and we decided that he is going to stay home with Nana and Poppa when we go SOLO to Hawaii this spring.

Pictures of the Lotz's party to follow.

Jeremy & Lori

Jeremy, Lori and a super fussy Carson (notice the forced smile on Jeremy's face)Liza & her borrowed baby Cosmo, Sara & Emma, Kristin & Carson

Cousins and second cousins
The cutest second cousins ever! Emma weighs 12 pounds at 4 months . . . Carson weighed that a 4 weeks old! He's such a brute!
Carson giving some sweet kisses to Emma
Reaching in for more kisses!

Sharing toys!
Why can't I touch her?
I love you!
More cute cousins!

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