Sunday, September 16, 2007

Month 14- Baby Boot Camp

After three half marathons this summer, I was a bit burnt out on running. But calories add up with summer cold beer and ice cream so I started going to Baby Boot Camp. It's a terrific exercise class that allows moms to exercise with their tots in tow. We go 4 days a week and have me lots of neat new friends. Jeremy seemed to think we just strolled around and stretched but quickly realized that it's like soccer camp without the ball. We do cardio & strength training for 55 minutes. Below is a picture of us just starting our ab work. At that point the kids are allowed to get out of their strollers and run around. That's Carson in front of the yellow stroller.

Before class I try to let Carson play at the park. You can tell he's running because his sholders are hunched up and he has a devilish grin.

Just about to cross the wiggly bridge!Such a big boy now!

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