Wednesday, September 12, 2007

First Family Camping Trip!!

Jeremy and I both have such wonderful memories of camping with our families as kids, we feel strongly about Carson having the same experience. So thanks to a generous friend, we borrowed a beautiful 30 ft. RV for the weekend, packed it up and headed down to Silver Falls. The weather was gorgeous although under the trees it was quite a bit cooler than we packed for. We spent Friday night by ourselves and Saturday afternoon, Liza & Jeff, & Matt & Michelle joined us with their tents. We all had a blast!! I used to make fun of "RVers" but I am officially a convert!! In fact, we are now actively shopping for our own trailer to share with my family and make camping a regular occurence!

Off we go!! Good driving Daddy!Have carseat, will travel! Even if it's in a dining room!Running off into the bushes isn't allowed! Hard for Daddy to duck under the branches to retrieve me! Smart Mommy packed my high chair! I eat in style even when camping!

I'm trying to help Daddy make kindling but he won't let me near the hatchet.
I LOVE camping!
Daddy doesn't want me playing with sticks but Mommy said it's okay.
This camp chair is a bit big for me but I do like it.
Yummy dinner! Salmon, potato salad, & bread! What more could you ask for? Beer please!
Matt & Michelle brought these cool scooters! I want to play with them ALL the time. I feel way cooler than in my stroller. It's what all the big kids are doing.
I love my Aunt Liza!
I don't read yet but for some reason Mommy & Daddy thought this picture was really funny?!?
We "hiked" down a paved trail to a very cool waterfall!
Pushing my stoller is much more fun that riding in it.
My uncle Jeff is sooooo funny! He makes me laugh all the time.
Mommy thought these pants were perfect for camping. Daddy says she has a shopping problem. Saturday night dinner was delicious! Steak, chicken, & veggie kabobs & noodle salad! And of course, many cocktails. Mommy put me to bed right after dinner for some strange reason.
Lots of people think I only smile but Mommy knows the truth. I get downright mad these days when she asks me not to do something or if I have to let go of something. Really mad.
But I am happy a lot too!

After dinner, I heard lots of laughing and "ummms" coming from the campfire area. They kept saying, "Smore please".
Goofing around!
Brrr!! It got cold quick!
Group pic in front of the falls!

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