Monday, October 22, 2007

Happy Halloween from the Lil' Stinker!

So last week we attempted Halloween portraits at The Picture People. However due to a combination of new photographer, crabby Carson, and a white background, we had to leave without any photos! Carson's black & white skunk costume faded into the white background and it looked like he had a hole in his forehead!

So we tried again today since our coupons expired at midnight tonight. Unfortunately Carson remembered the experience he had last week and instantly starting crying and clinging to me. Not a great start. So when you view the following pictures, know that my son does smile, just not today. And also know that I am laying on my back with a black blanket over me, and Carson is sitting on my tummy. It was about 100 degrees underneath there and we had a slow photographer! We finally resorted to freeze dried apples to get him to leave my side!

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