Thursday, October 25, 2007

OH NO!! We are THAT guy!

We were at a friend's birthday dinner last night at Old Market Pub. If you don't know that particular pub, just picture any sports bar very full of baseball fans watching the opening game of the World Series. Carson and his little girlfriend Ellie were the only two kids at the dinner, actually I think they were the only two kids at the pub. For most of the evening, they played happily in a back corner near an emergency exit. There were two small stairs and two medium pumpkins which was more than enough entertainment for two small toddlers.

Toward the end of the evening, Carson discovered a very fun "rope" to pull on. Unfortunately, it was not a rope but an extension cord. Just as I realized what it was and was moving in to grab him, he yanked it out of the electrical socket. Imagine the collective groan of a room full of sports fans as their precious game disappeared and the big screen tv went black. I COULD HAVE DIED!!!! As fast as I could plug it back in, it was not enough. Apparently the tv has to go through some sort of warm up or reboot so it remained dark for much too long.

We left as quickly as we could after that. We were so "that guy"!!!!

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