Friday, November 23, 2007

Carson's First Haircut

In the last few weeks, more than one person has commented to me that Carson's hair was in need of a haircut. But I was really struggling with the idea of his little whispy baby hairs getting trimmed. I was fearful that the scissor marks would show up terribly and it would look terrible. I kept putting off the haircut. But then suddenly one day I saw it. Our poor child looked like a cross between Donald Trump with his long comb-over and country bumpkin with a mullet. It was long all over and hanging over his ears. I realized that it was time. Here is the evidence. Upon seeing this picture, I could no longer put off the hair cut. Look closely at the wings on the sides!

So this morning we headed down to Little Clippers in Lake Oswego for his first cut. A very sweet and patient stylist, Nicole, was the unfortunate gal who got to trim Carson. I should probably mention that he is a bit sleep deprived and is STILL cutting his second molar. So in spite of a healthy dose of Motrin, Carson was NOT in the mood to get his hair cut. Here is his before picture at the salon. It all went downhill from there. First we tried letting him sit in the yellow car. No good.
Plan B?
Okay- Mommy will hold you. Is this any better? Nope.
More sobbing. Not sure if you can see in this picture but the tears are so big they have streamed all the way down to his chin.
STILL crying but looking much better!
Mommy can't stop laughing and Nana is in the background video-taping and trying to cheer up her miserable grandson.
This is hilarious. Post haircut. Poor Nicole is just trying to roll off the leftover hair and Carson will have nothing to do with it. He is still screaming at the top of his lungs. Even the yellow Hummer couldn't make him smile.
Calming down now. But he wouldn't let go of me.
The end result is spectacular!! He is sitting in a large plastic camper, much happier and much cuter! I am kicking myself for not doing it sooner!
Little Clippers was fantastic! Highly recommend it to all! They let the kids pick out a video to watch during their haircut (unfortunately that did not help us at all), there are 7 or 8 different vehicles to sit in for the haircut, and the waiting room is a huge playground. The stylist was extremely patient, dexterious, and sweet. They gave us a little baggie of hair for his hair box thingee and made a cute little certificate with Carson's name on it with another lock of hair. Very thoughtful!

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