Tuesday, November 27, 2007

When Did He Grow Up???

It seems like overnight Carson has become a toddler. He understands so much, "go get Mommy's slippers", "put your dirty clothes in the hamper", "time to help me feed Jackson"! Yet things like, "please stop whining" and "no more throwing your food" are still a foreign language to him. I think he is learning the fine art of manipulation. The dinner hour of 5-6 pm seems to be his training time for trying to make Mommy crazy!! He is demanding 110% of my attention or else!

But there are fun moments too! He is a reading maniac! He is signing up a storm, although we haven't been very good about continuing to teach him. He loves all of the toy catalogs and magazines that are arriving in the mail. He studies them as if there will be a test at the end of the night. It's hilarious! Here are a few pics of his studious behavior.

Notice the pointing at the best item!
Carefully turning the page!
He also recently discovered a fun machine in Daddy's play room! The funny part is that he's never seen it before, never really watched Daddy play, yet it was like an instinct took over and he was drawn to the machine like a duck to a decoy. I dragged a stool over and he stood and played the game for 10 minutes. Keep in mind, I have no idea how to turn the dang thing on so all he did was move the joystick, hit buttons, and watch a black screen. Once Daddy came home, the real fun began!
Look closely at their faces! It's just precious! We have decided that once Carson is old enough, he will earn quarters for good behavior and getting his chores done. Those quarters will let him play the game!

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