Monday, December 24, 2007

Assembling The BBQ

Carson is in love with his new BBQ!! He taps the bistro stool until one of us comes over. Then he cooks and serves us food for hours and hours!

Sidenote- we were almost completely done with Carson's binkie. He only got it once a day for his afternoon nap. It was great and we thought we were close to saying good-bye to it for once and all. Unfortunately, this week has brought out evil Carson due to a lower molar trying to break through. He has been absolutely mean and grouchy. Out of sheer desparation we broke out the binkie to provide us all a little relief from the judo-chops and crying. So that is why Mr. Binkie is making a comeback in the following pictures.

Thanks Mr. & Mrs. Lotz for this super cool motorcycle jacket!

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