Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Christmas Morning- Just the Three of Us

Trying to establish a family tradition for our sweet boy by staying home on Christmas morning and enjoying the presents that Santa dropped by! We had a great debate on Christmas Eve as to whether or not Santa wraps his presents. I erroneously believed that Santa didn't have time to wrap all the worlds' gifts. Fortunately Jeremy corrected me and Santa wrapped his presents.

Carson was very excited to see his stocking under the tree stuffed with Matchbox trucks and a fork and spoon with tractor built into them! He quickly got the hang of unwrapping with a little help!
Our very crooked Christmas tree!
The infamous tree skirt and stockingI can't believe I have to eat breakfast before we open all these presents! That huge box behind me looks amazing!!
Daddy, things keep coming out of this big sock!
Check out my "front loader" spoon and "tractor" fork!
I love cars and trucks!
Thanks for my Micky shirt Aunt Lori and Uncle Brian!
A new DVD! Wow!
A MagnaDoodle! Just want I had no idea that I wanted!
Daddy is an excellent Magnadoodle artist!
Santa should have put this together before he brought this tricycle!
Oh boy! Another tractor! I am soooo lucky!
How cool is this!! It even has a gas pedal!

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