Monday, December 31, 2007

Carson's Learning to Talk, oh and drink!

He has a fairly limited repetroire at the moment but it is growing by the day!

The usual suspects: Ma, mam, mama, (mom), Dada, Poppa (Grandpa Kuntz), Nana (Grandma Kuntz).

The cute ones: Hi, Bye bye,

The necessary one: Poopoo, this one is funny because he says it when we go into the bathroom. We also ask him, Did you poopoo? And if he did, he'll run into his room for us to change his diaper! Pretty funny!

Mime = motorcycle

Peez= please

Moh = moor

Spoo = Spoon

Kee = cookie

Kee = key- gotta hear this one in context ;-)

Booo = book

He really only has the beginning sounds right now. There is a word for Jackson but I have no idea how to replicate with letters!

Of course we all think our children are genius's. However, there was one area we were a little concerned about. Up until last week, Carson was not able to master the idea of a sippy cup (keep in mind most of his friends were drinking from them at 9 months or so!). We made a modification for his "challenge" by buying him toddler cups with straws instead. It always bugged me though that he couldn't grasp the concept of tipping a cup to drink. So we got out the champagne last week when he finally figured it out! Now he's in love with the sippy cups!

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