Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Happy New Year!

New Years Eve found us all at the Leo's home where we also partied with the Hook's. The kids are all the same age so it's fun to see them all play together! Carson brought over his new trampoline to share with his friends and they seemed to enjoy it. Jeremy thought it would be exciting to kick off the night with a special drink. That plan backfired miserably, as the drink he concocted was a super sweet Mai Tai with 4 shots of alcohol. It just meant that we had too much to drink too early and crashed even earlier. Dinner was a yummy deep friend turkey and we had "Better Than Sex Chocolate Cake" for dessert! The real party started after the kids went to bed. Fortunately they are still pretty portable. Thank goodness for pack n plays!

The Hostess herself opening her Hostess gift . . . Budlight for Jenn!
Supper for the toddlers!
Yummy! I love my Duck jersey!
Notice the two fister in the background ;-) And Andrew is enjoying the trampoline!
How many men does it take to temp a turkey?
Master carver Blair!
Back seat carvers!
Dinner at last! Yummy!
No adult pictures after the dinner hour will be published on a kid's webpage ;-) Happy New Year!

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