Sunday, December 02, 2007

Christmas Tree Hunting

Time for the annual Kuntz family Christmas tree hunt! Only today was probably the worst day in the entire year to go! Sideways rain caused by gale force winds! It was so wet and cold! We all bundled up only poor Carson's mittens wouldn't stay on so he had bare hands. Fortunately he probably minded the least! Needless to say it was the quickest tree hunt on record! No need to be picky when you are getting soaked! I will say we actually all found very nice trees too!

Before, nice and dry in the kitchen!
Still dry!
Daddy? Daddy? What are you doing under there?
This is cool!
I like this one! It's just my size!
Nana & Auntie Liza & I are all SOOO wet!
Poppa and Daddy are holding onto Poppa & Nana's tree as it gets all the needles shaken out of it. That part was especially cool!
Nana, Aunt Liza, & Uncle Jeff and I watched a train set inside for awhile.
Family photo!
Our tree has now dripped several gallons of water onto our floor and will have to dry off overnight. The wind is howling and we're all preparing to loose power very soon! But getting the Christmas decorations out tonight was lots of fun! Carson loved it! He was pretty disappointed when he had to go to bed. Little does he know the tree is sitting in the living room waiting to get decorated. The only problem is his grabby little paws. I've been told that we'll probably only be able to decorate the top half of the tree. Bummer but it's only for one year, right?

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