Saturday, December 29, 2007

Christmas #4 with the Grandma & Grandpa Levy

It was touch and go for most of the afternoon as to whether this Christmas celebration was actually going to take place! You see, it was still snowing all day Thursday at our house and we still had about 6-8 inches on the ground. Fortunately, the snow affects only a 2 mile radius from our house. So Grandma & Grandpa Levy came all the way out from Sheridan in their big truck just in case they needed the four wheel drive. Unfortunatey, Aunt Lori & Uncle Brian couldn't make it this year. Definitely next year (hint, hint). Carson enjoyed the company and the gifts they brought, including a brand new trampoline!! He is a jumping maniac!

We had to nix our plans for BBQing steak!
"Moh!!"- translation "More presents!!"
Our smaller crew this year!
Oh boy! This thing is bouncy!! Handle schmandle, let me go!
That won't fit me Daddy! Oh, it's for you?!
This sweatshirt has all my favorites! Trucks, planes, & trains!
"Peez"- translation "Please let me help you"
I'm really getting the hang of this now!

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