Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Snow Day!!

Global warming is already affecting us! We've had snow five times already this year and it snowed on Christmas Day! The weather channel said there was a 0.7% chance of snow sticking in Portland on Christmas Day, we should have bought a lottery ticket! Overnight it snowed even more and we woke up to 6 inches of snow (today, the day after Christmas). We took Carson out in the snow to play! Poor guy had to wear his super dorky snow suit since I'm too cheap to buy him an actual snow bib. He grows too fast to justify it ;-) All of these pictures may look alike to the casual observer but to us, his parents, each one is unique ;-)

I love snow!
This is fun! (He hasn't actually moved once)
Jackson in full jump! Not a single foot on the ground!
Alfie, our kitty!
This is beautiful!

Harley, our other kitty! Trying to make a snow man! Great dry snow but he fell over shortly after.

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