Monday, January 28, 2008

Bad Things Happen in Three's

We had a very fun trip planned to our beach house for the weekend with several other families. However Carson barfed twice on Friday (and had diarrhea) so the group trip to the beach house was cancelled. But other than that Carson had no signs of illness. We decided to go ahead and go to the beach by ourselves. The drive out was great, Friday night was fun. Saturday we had a blast at the aquarium (with plans to go to the outlet center on Sunday). Lunch at Mo’s was yummy! Dinner at Kyllo’s was delicious. We went to bed around 11. Then all hell broke loose within an hour.

We thought we had food poisoning in the worst way! Thank GOD there were two bathrooms! Jeremy spent the night on the couch downstairs and the floor of the bathroom. I went back and forth from the bedroom to the bathroom trying not to wake up Carson. I’ll spare you the gorey details but it was hourly trips to the bathroom with both ends in action until 7 in the morning. We both got maybe an hour of sleep. We headed home early at 9:15 -no Outlet mall :-(

We got through the dry heaves in the car, made it through the ice and snow in the pass, and then about 20 minutes from home, my car started to break down. At this point, I lost it and started crying. Our bodies hurt so badly and Carson was done being in the car for over 2 hours. We barely made it to my mom and dad’s to drop Carson off. My car broke down in our driveway. That night as I was calling friends and clients to cancel appointments, I discovered that several friends were stricken with the same symptoms. Apparently we didn’t have food poisoning but the terrible virus that is going around, similar to Norovirus. I made Jeremy cancel his flight to Santa Clara and he’s missing a huge meeting.

This morning my car was towed off and we just got word that the fuel pump has to be replaced.

Then I decided to try driving up Logie Trail Rd. in Jeremy’s car (coming home from St. Helens). I figured it couldn’t be too icy since the temp had come up. Well, I made it halfway up and then hit solid snow. Being front wheel drive, Jer’s car couldn’t go uphill. So I was stuck in the middle of the road trying to figure out what to do. Then I started sliding backward toward a drop off. I gave it enough gas to back up to a shoulder. Then I tried going forward, only somehow I had too much momentum and slid right into the ditch. I couldn’t believe it!! I managed to inch it back and forth enough to get it out. When I could pull over, I got out and found a few scratches. Got home and rubbed at the scratches, only to realize that I dented the entire front bumper!!! Unreal!!! Jer took it much better than I thought he would!

So we are still home recooperating and Carson has been a holy terror demanding more attention than he usually does. We let him watch a little more tv than usual today!

Here are the cute pics of the better part of our weekend!

I love fish!!
That's a lot of fish!!
More Starbucks please!
Brrr! That's cold and prickly!
Daddy! I want to learn to dive too!
Go Speed Racer! We are blurry because I'm running soo fast!
Seals are cool! I don't care that it's raining.
Mommy?! Mommy, is there something behind me? I don't think this is a hat mommy!
We found some glow sticks at the beach house!! I love glow sticks!

So as parents we are enjoying some of the sillier things in life. Here we all are enjoying glow sticks in the dark! Carson has the green one.

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  1. cousin Sara B.7:39 AM

    Yikes. The same thing happened to Emma right after xmas. I heard her choking (what turned out to be dry heaves) in bed and went in and she had been sleeping in her own puke. Poor thing. Two days later Jens had it from both ends and the next day it was my turn. Horrible! Your parents will be lucky if they don't catch it! It's incredibly contagious.


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