Thursday, January 24, 2008

Weak Week of Pics!!

My apologies to Carson's fans but life around our house is so busy right now and we just haven't made picture taking a priority. Here are some cute pics of Ian and Carson at Ian's house.
Cozy on the couch! A little leopard print never hurt ;-)
Nothing like a little "show" to keep unhappy boys happy!
Snack time!
This time Carson and Ian were playing at our house. Sharing is a very difficult concept for Carson right now. He gets extremely possessive of his toys at his house. Thus, I purchased two books on toddler discipline! Shortly I will be armed with new skills! Hopefully I can keep my cool and remember to use them!
Fortunately the BBQ has plenty of room for two! Carson is mustarding up his burger!

Ian, are you cooking for Carson?
When we have a rough week, it is usually followed by a good week. This week has been terrific! Tuesday morning was not good though. This was Carson's 4th week at daycare. It hasn't been going great and I was starting to lose faith. I was feeling guilty that he cried a lot while he was there. I felt terrible that he didn't sleep while he was there. I am usually pretty stoic when it comes to Carson crying. It's very common for kids to cry when they are dropped off. He even does it at his regular sitter's house (Jeremy & Ian) but he has a great time there. However, Tuesday morning, as we pulled up to "school", Carson saw the building and started crying. It broke my heart and I teared up. A rarity for me and I instantly told myself to knock it off. I left him crying on the teacher's shoulder and proceeded to feel terrible the rest of the day. Then I was late picking him up and was racked with guilt that he hadn't slept all day and here I was late.

Well, it turns out Carson had a "good" day at daycare! His teachers were thrilled to report that he ate all his snacks and lunch AND he TOOK A NAP! On the cot!! For almost an hour!! I was beside myself with excitement. The guilt flew off like a popped ballon and I couldn't stop smiling.

So today when I dropped him off and flew off for a busy day, I didn't worry about him at all. And even better, when I picked him up, his report said he had a "great day" and he slept for almost two hours on the cot!! YEA!! It was especially cute because they were in the gym when I arrived and I got to see Carson "shopping" in the pretend kitchen. He had a basket over his arm and was picking food to put in it. So cute!! When he saw me, he smiled and kept playing!! No crying!!

The doctor and other friends had said it would take him a month to adjust and sure enough it did! Just as I was about to give up, he came through!

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