Sunday, January 20, 2008

Carson & Ellie's Dinner Date

We had a fun dinner date with the Hook's on Friday night. Carson thoroughly enjoyed Ellie's toys. Especially her tea party table, her box of dress up high heels, her baby doll, and most of all her super duper slide! He's a dude's dude so we were quite amazed at how quickly he adapted to wearing and walking in pink fluffy pumps, drinking daintily out of a tea cup, and feeding the baby doll a bottle of milk. What didn't suprise us was his instant love of the slide.

Here is a cute video of Carson and Ellie having a tea party.

There there was a cute video of the slide, ruined by the adults talking in the background. What a shame. Listen closely and you'll hear why we all laughed hysterically after realizing our conversation was caught on tape!

Last but not least, Carson sliding, Ellie cheering him on, and this time Mommy not realizing that she was talking about very un-childlike things while the camera was rolling. Naughty Mommy! Fortunately our kids don't have a clue just yet!

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