Thursday, January 31, 2008

The Week from H-E-Double Hockey Stick

Aiyiyi! This week just refuses to end. Quaratine ended on Tuesday for us but we couldn't go anywhere because my car was still in the shop. Carson couldn't go to daycare and we didn't get a break. He was sick of being in the house, we were sick of being in the house, and poor Jeremy was trying to listen to 50 people on a phone instead of being in the room. Tensions were running high!

Wednesday, thought we could take Carson in to daycare but more snow and still no 4WD. Plus he was getting sick and was super clingy and SUPER whiney! Jeremy was even more frustrated and I was sick of having to deal with our crying clingon. Jeremy finally arranged a flight to Santa Clara even though he wouldn't arrive until past 11 pm. I had evening meeting with clients so my parents had to take Carson. Got home late and had to work even later.

Jeremy didn't sleep at all and I woke up at 1:30am to our house alarm beeping wildly. Lovely. That can only mean one thing. No power, no heat, no water, no light. It came back on at some point but then went out again, sending the alarm into loud screaming again at 2:30. Then Carson woke up coughing and crying at 5:30 am. He was so worked up I had to take him back to bed with me, plus the house was freezing so he needed the warmth.

At 7:30 am, we got up without power. That also means no fax, no email. So I had to bundle us up and head down to the office to send off my client's offer by 8:30. That's when I decided to take Carson to daycare for the day to make my noon meeting. However he was still coughing and crying and clingy. I was feeling guilty and mean but needing some alone time in a bad way. Then my noon meeting got cancelled so I headed home with my sick son. Thank GOD the power had come back on!! We were reading books quite nicely when Carson coughed so hard that he vomited all over us. There are times when being a parent is just gross.

Later in the day Carson was helping me preview homes in St. Helens. I've gotten in the habit of leaving the diaper bag at home and just risking it with my emergency diaper. It has worked well so far. Carson decided to dump a load in the second house. No problem. Just used the diaper and kept going. An hour later we were showing the first of two homes to clients and Carson decided it would be a fabulous time to drop another load. WHAT?!?! How embarrassing! No diaper!! My clients offered up their son's diaper but at a mere size 2, it wouldn't even fit around Carson's thigh. I made a few frantic phone calls to the people I know who have size 4 diapers between the first house and the second house. Luckily Jeremy Davis met me at his front door with a rescue diaper.

This week just seems to keep going and going like a bad luck Energizer bunny. Tomorrow night calls for a vat of wine!!

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