Saturday, February 02, 2008

And Sick Again!

Now we are in the midest of sick Carson again. Nasty cough and a snot faucet for a nose. Fever that returns with a vengence as soon as the drugs wear off. He is an unhappy camper, which in turn makes for unhappy parents. And as much as I'm trying to not breathe or eat his germs, my throat is scratchy and my voice is crackly. This whole parenting thing has really been trying this week. To remind myself of how cute Carson is when he is well, I've been sitting at my Open House (with two lone visitors) watching videos of Carson when he was a baby. Oh my gosh! He was so cute and sweet and quiet! From day one to the last video at 9-10 months.

It's crazy how quickly he has grown up and developed very strong likes and dislikes. It's like we have this giant piece of little boy Playdoh and it is ours to mold and shape. But it has legs and arms and an attitude. It tests us constantly to see where the limits are and how much he can get away with. The open defiance is frustrating yet funny. The temper tantrums get old quick. And time out is a several time a day occurrence.

I just hope we figure it all out before the next one comes along. If there is a next one ;-) We change our minds week to week. I should clarify, that Jeremy would be perfectly happy with just one child but I really want to take two brothers to Disneyland instead of one lone boy. So I guess I change my mind week to week as Carson tends to have one good week and then one tough week. This week would not be a good one. So do not ask me when #2 is coming along this week.

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