Monday, February 11, 2008

FINALLY on the mend!

Where do I start?? Carson finally started feeling better on Saturday! Still blowing his nose but very happy, running at top speed, sleeping a lot, and eating a lot! It's like he's making up for a lost two weeks. He also has a great sense of humor! He's such a ham!! And in case anyone cares ;-) I just started to feel better today (Monday). Here are some cute tales of the last few days.

This weekend Carson hung out with his Grandpa and Grandma Rader for two days. He had a blast and learned to say "Gmpa" and "Gamma". Unfortunately, I didn't get any pics.

I bought Carson a little stool so he could reach the sink to wash his hands. Unfortunately he still isn't tall enough but that little stool is now his favorite tool. He carries it everywhere! He can now turn the lights on and off. He can reach much farther onto the counters. Or he can just stand in the middle of the room, 6 inches taller and 10 times happier.

He discovered Daddy's "soccer" underpants in a drawer and put them on. Then he had to check himself out.
This morning, I was showering and he was chatting up a storm. I was very curious what he was doing so I climbed up onto the bench in our shower and peeked over the door. There was Carson standing on his stool in front of the full length mirror, making faces at himself and having a full conversation. It was adorable. Then it got even cuter!! He stepped down and started to walk away. But then he remembered his manners, turned around, waved at himself in the mirror and said "bye-bye". It was hilarious!!

Today was his first day at Jeremy & Ian's in over two weeks. Usually he cries and clings to me when he realizes I'm leaving. Today he walked in carrying his lunch box, and as soon as I took his coat off, he took off to find Ian. Very unusual. Jeremy and I were catching up and watching the boys play. Suddenly Carson walked up to me, patted me on the leg, and said "GO"!! I about fell over!! Wow! Not only was he not crying, he was asking me to leave!! I didn't even know he could say "go"!! So proud of him!

Jeremy and I have really enjoyed Carson over the last three days. We are relishing his energy level (which we usually think is too much). I really think that our sick days have made us appreciate Carson more than ever! It's getting harder and harder to imagine leaving him for 9 days when we head to Hawaii. But don't worry, we'll be okay ;-)

Here is Carson's morning look! He can't leave the house without his gloves, hat, and sunglasses.

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