Monday, February 04, 2008

When will it end?

Our sick baby hasn't stopped crying since Saturday so I took him in to the doctor today. I usually err on the side of "just wait it out, it'll get better". Our doctor thanked me for our patience but it turns out that Carson has a double ear infection. That explains the non-stop crying. My ears were starting to hurt this morning, which is when I realized it might be worse than just a cough/cold. Fortunately our friends with kids who had experienced this before said relief should come within 12 hours, bringing back our happy little guy. I can only hope. I'm missing out on a date night tonight!! My dad took my place for dinner and the Blazer game with Jeremy!

Carson loves sunglasses so we got him his own pair this weekend. He has very specific ideas about what he needs to leave the house, which includes his sunglasses, his gloves (these are Daddy's work gloves with convenient velcro wrists), and his hat (which is Daddy's UofO stocking cap). He looks quite hilarious and gets lots of attention where-ever he goes. I will do my best to get a picture of it tomorrow morning. It's so strange that he has such strong desires already. I would not have guessed that for an almost 19 month old!

He was reading a book to himself the other day and in-between pages, he was putting his finger in his mouth. At first I thought he was licking off leftover lunch but he did it between each page consistently. I finally realized that he was copying what I do, on "page" books (as opposed to board books) I lick my finger to get a better grip on the page. He is so observant!

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