Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Our big boy!

Today when I dropped Carson off, he reached out his arms for his teacher and waved good-bye to me!! No crying, no clinging, nothing! It felt so great! When I picked him up, he said hi to me but then without me telling him, he proceeded to wave and tell bye-bye to each teacher and friend in the room. It was just precious!! His teachers told me they don't even have to pat his back to help him fall asleep anymore! He walks over to his cot and puts himself to sleep! I love it!

He is such a little sponge right now! He will copy anything you show him to do. It's pretty darn funny at times.

Today I took him in for an impromptu haircut. It was only his third one so I wasn't sure what to expect but thought there might be some crying like the others. He wasn't ready to sit by himself but once he was on my lap, he hardly moved a muscle. No crying! Half the time he watched Curious George and half the time he watched himself in the mirror. It was great! She even used the clippers toward the end and he didn't even flinch!! Yea!!

I'm so excited he's growing up but already sad knowing that he's growing up!! Sounds dumb but it's so true!!

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