Wednesday, February 20, 2008

President's Day Weekend- Annual Vacation!

We've lost track of how many years we've been doing this trip but it's up to 7 or 8 now. Along with the Clary family, we trek to the Mosley's family's home in Broken Top (Bend, OR). It used to be an all adult, crazy weekend of skiing, drinking, and hot-tubbing! It has evolved over the years and now we're up to 5 kids under the age of 5, sledding, spa treatments, and Disney videos, however we have managed to keep drinking and hot-tubbing ;-)

We were really hoping Carson would enjoy sledding this year but he wasn't quite ready for it. He screamed bloody murder the first time he saw me fly down the hill. It was all over after that. He did enjoy throwing snow, feeding the geese, and playing with the older boys.

Here's the gang! From left to right, Dan, Lucas (3 yrs), Kari, Ellie (9 mnths), Kristi, Kade (5 yrs), Tony, Kellen (2 yrs), Carson (19 months), me, & Jeremy.
Getting ready to go outside!
But where did they go?

Suited up! Snow bibs courtesy of his friend Mason!
Kade looking cool on the sled!
I told you no more bears in the house!
Jeremy has really blossomed with his artistic abilities and the magna doodle! Here he has a captive audience!
Beer, yay!!

Meal time for the tots!
Bedtime stories by Dan!
Such cute brothers!
Our hostess with the mostess . . . Ginny Tower!
Our other host with the most . . . Randy Tower!

Please can I go outside??
I LOVE, LOVE this picture!!!
Happy cousins!
Daddy is so fun!
Daddies and boys feeding the geese while Mommies were getting massages at the spa!

I really want to be a big boy soon!
Throwing stuff is way cool!
The little guys trying to climb the hill.
Time for the remote control car!
It's much safer off the ground when Kade is steering!
Skiis are now replaced by strollers and bikes!
Little Miss Ellie taking a bath!
Giving us her best faces!
Playing the piano is sooo great!
Kellon taking a bath!

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