Thursday, April 10, 2008

Bad Mommy! Funny Boy!

I am so sorry to Carson's blog fans! I have been working a LOT and blogging has moved to the lowest priority. As you can see this post is happening at midnight and those who know me, know I am always in bed by 10.

Carson is talking more and more! He loves to say yes and always slaps his leg when he says yes. We have NO idea where that came from but it's hilarious!!

He is the world's PICKIEST eater and is driving us crazy with his only fruit for dinner. Last night was a can of extra cherry fruit cocktail and half a biscuit. Tonight was a quarter of a water melon and milk.

Speaking of milk, this video will hopefully make up for our lack of pictures!! Turn up your volume because it's absolutely funny (to us anyway!!). Carson is learning to drink "like a big boy" which just means he drinks small amounts from a shot glass! He thinks he is really funny and even put two words together (which is a rarity still). You also get to hear his fake cough which he thinks is an important skill.

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